Independent Practice Solutions was founded in 2012 to provide support for independent practices. We realized that the healthcare environment was becoming rather complex and administrators and providers could use a support staff of knowledgeable individuals to manage certain services that would allow these practices to run smoother and more efficiently. Our services cover the building and everything contained therein: practice management services, revenue cycle services, human resource management services, information system services, medical record retention/release services and marketing services. We have vast experience in all of these areas and want individual practices to use our knowledge and economies of scale to their benefit wherever they see fit. Businesses can choose which services may work best for their environment.

Our management team is made up of experienced administrators and professionals throughout the healthcare process. We have created strategic relationships to provide support in all aspects of your business and want to be your contact for questions and where you turn for answers.

Your Prescription for a Healthy Business

There are a lot of moving parts to a healthy business. IPS will design a strategy designed specifically to your needs and aid you in implementing that strategy. We compliment your current office setup and enrich your resources. We have valuable strategic partners that can drive down your current costs of doing business. IPS will streamline workflow, find efficiencies, and drive up productivity to increase your bottom line.

is Key

Communication is key in any successful relationship. This is how IPS works inside and out. We communicate with our clients, vendors, staff, lawmakers and other industry leaders to ensure you are making educated business decisions for today and tomorrow.

Our goal: to provide the best possible service and healthcare.


IPS operates in 9 states and is expanding. How do we do it? Our staff is remote. Except for the administration, all of our staff have remote offices working flexible hours to provide the best services.

Remote offices provide flexibility to our staff. This makes for a happier and more productive environment. It also allows for meeting and communication around physician hours and schedules.

Welcome to IPS
Our Logo

It is a hawk that symbolizes a free bird flying towards the sky. It is blue to symbolize healthcare. But, a little bit more thought went into that. A hawk symbolizes those that open their awareness up wide, those that can see the whole picture, those that can see things with a discerning eye. The bird itself is a perfect symbol of freedom and perspective.

The bends in the road or the letters of IPS are just that. They are minor setbacks on your road to success and independence. The future looking type is IPS looking towards the future for better healthcare. The letters flow as if a river in constant motion.

What's in a name? Well, in our case, a lot! Independent Practice Solutions. Independent Practice: we believe firmly in anyone wanting to start and enrich their own practice. We love the entrepreneurial leadership and drive it takes for such a thing. IPS wants to support that in anyway it can.

Solutions: We have years of experience on every level of healthcare and have the ability to tailor a solution that is right for your practice. We have also cultivated partners that we believe provide added value to any practice. We have solutions to your healthcare practice problems.

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