Information Technology


Information Technology services that will help you achieve a healthy business!

Secure and Affordable IT hardware, support and maintenance!

  • EHR Development
  • HIPAA Security/Risk Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Phone System Acquisition/Management
  • Website Development
  • IT systems Maintenance
  • Backups/Cloud Solutions
  • Hardware Acquisition/Management
  • EHR Maintenance/Upgrades
  • Comprehensive Information Systems Management

EHR Development

Selection, negotiation, installation, implementation, training and project management. Just starting your practice and want to know which EHR works best for your practice? On an EHR that you do not like and need to move? Need a refresh on training and workflow?

IPS can help with all of your EHR needs and can implement an action plan for a seamless start or transition.

Hardware and Software

IPS is a full stop shop for all of our computer and technology needs. We are a DELL retailer employing laptops, desktops and servers in any healthcare environment.

The information technology world has become very complex and expensive for practices to maintain. IPS has the solutions you need at a safe and affordable price point. We believe you do not have to sacrifice ease of use for security.

Phone Systems

We have created some great relationships with phone vendors and manufacturers and can satisfy most all of your office phone needs.

Looking for a full blown PBX system on site or multiple sites? Are you a small physicians office that needs a few phones and fax? Do you like voice over ip? IPS can help you make a decision and get your phone system deployed.

Backups/Cloud Solutions

IPS has its own cloud and datacenter. We can help with all of your backup needs be it action plans, offsite backup, and hot/cold sites. We can also house all of your clouds solutions and software.

Medical practices are creating more and more data. They also carry old data from old EHRs that they must hold onto for many years. IPS can help retian all of your data needs.

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